December 29, 2008

Cleco the Assembly Back Together - 0.5 Hrs.

We had an open house holiday reception tonight at my home with some wonderful visitors, so I didn't have a lot of shop time today. But it was a fun social event. My Dad came over early and we managed to spend half an hour in the shop before our guests arrived. He helped hold these big parts for me while I clecoed the assembly back together. I was hoping to have something more interesting than a pile of parts to show our guests. Sure enough, as soon as they were all here, they started asking me about how the airplane was coming along. Some of them haven't been here since last summer when I was still working on the wings, and some of them have never been here at all. So I invited them and they eagerly followed me out into the shop for a show-and-tell session. It was fun. They were very impressed, of course. I answered a lot of questions, showed them everything I could, showed them some pictures of finished RV's, and just hung out for a while. I was surprised at how long they hung out in the shop, in spite of the cool temperatures. It was really nice to have this together to show them!

It's back together for good, this time! I knew my Dad would enjoy this. He told me to call him next time I'm working on the plane because he wants to come hang out with me and help me. Thanks, Dad!

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