December 31, 2008

More Riveting on the Aft End - 3.5 Hrs.

HAPPY NEW YEAR! After celebrating the evening with Jamie, I spent some time in the shop. Riveting is my favorite thing to do, and there's plenty of it at this point. So I continued with the aft end of the assembly.

Since I'm working solo at this point, I'm doing the rivets I can easily see and reach by myself. That's basically the lower J-channel and the upper one, and the rivets between them on each bulkhead. On the left side, I made it all the way to the F-708 bulkhead. I'm leaving the upper holes on each bulkhead, above the J-channel, clecoed for now, as the plans specify. The skin needs to be able to bend away later on to insert the longeron, so these rivets are left out for now.

I didn't make it quite as far up the right side. A few problem rivets took a lot of my time. I'll resume riveting here tomorrow. My plan is to finish the rivets along the sides and then flip the assembly over. Daniel has agreed to help me with the rivets on the bottom before his holiday vacation is over. He returns to college in just a few more days.

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