January 10, 2009

More work on Seat Ribs - 3.0 Hrs.

More work on the seat ribs today. I had an email a while back from a new young friend who wants to come over and see the project. His name is Uday and he is originally from India. He lives fairly close by. He wants to get some hands-on experience to see if building an airplane is something he wants to do. He is a student and is currently taking flying lessons, too. So he came by today and helped me out for a while.

He seems to be very impressed with the whole project. He has no experience with tools or building anything. He was even more impressed that I'm building a plane before I even have a pilots license. He invited me to come out to Troutdale sometime to meet his flight instructor, and I plan on taking him up on that.

I put Uday to work on the scotchbrite wheel deburring some parts. We had a great time.

I finished prep work on 2 more seat ribs today. Like a lot of builders, I chose to install 2 additional F-716B plates and open up 2 more ribs for easier access for the control pushrod assembly. So the 2 additional F-716B plates that I ordered arrived and I worked on getting those installed.

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