January 11, 2009

More work on Seat Ribs, assembling Center Section - 4.0 Hrs.

Work continues on the seat ribs and center section today. I finished all the seat rib prep work first. Then it was time to dismantle the F-704 bulkhead assembly into it's separate components and begin putting the seat ribs together on the bulkhead. This was an exciting moment!

The end flanges of these two middle seat ribs partially cover the wiring holes in the F-705 bulkhead, as you can see above. Below, from the other side.

I marked these for trimming and then took them off to trim and deburr.

That's better! All trimmed and clecoed back on. The larger square opening in the middle is where the elevator control pushrod will pass through.

This is exciting, to see the center section coming together. All the seat ribs are clecoed to the F-704 and F-705 bulkheads, and then the baggage area ribs are pulled from inventory and clecoed on as well. Wow!

Here are a couple more shots from different angles.

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