January 17, 2009

Center Section coming together - 6.0 Hrs.

Big day today! Another moment when you see something big coming together for the first time. My Dad came over for a while today, and I was glad I had him here to give me a hand. Once all the seat ribs and baggage area ribs were clecoed to the F-704 and F-705 bulkheads, I had my Dad help me and we lifted it down off this workbench and flipped it over. While it was upside down on the floor, I got out the F-778 Center Section Skin and laid it on the assembly. A while later, we had it all clecoed together.

Next, I got out my drill and my #40 reamer, and match-drilled all the holes. Finally, we flipped it back upright onto my little workbench again.

Here it is, all together and all drilled! Wow. How cool! The next step was to clamp the F-623 corner ribs to the skin and drill them to the skin. These ribs came with no holes, so some time was spent carefully locating and clamping them in position first. In the picture above, they are the corner ribs on the left and right, in the foreground.

A couple of shots from different angles. I think this looks cool!

At the end of the session, I deburred the edges of the F-715 seat ribs. They are the outer seat ribs on the left and right and are different from the F-716 ribs. They have no holes drilled in them (hence, not seen in these pictures) and will be drilled to the assembly later on.

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