March 7, 2009

Drilled Crotch Strap Brackets, clecoed seat ribs to bulkhead - 1.0 hrs.

I only had an hour tonight, but I finished drilling the crotch strap brackets for the large 5/16" hole that will hold the bolt & nut for the end of the strap. They are now finished and ready to rivet to the seat ribs. Then I clecoed the seat ribs to the aft F-704 bulkhead in preparation for riveting all this stuff together.

Now I have to figure out a strategy to rivet all of this together the easiest way. I thought it would help to cleco it all together and visualize how I'm going to do all the riveting. I'd like to use solid rivets for the crotch strap brackets, and I always like to use the squeezer wherever possible. I think it makes sense to start at this F-704 bulkhead, rather than the F-705 rear bulkhead. The seat ribs can be gently pushed to the side to get the rivet gun in there.

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