March 14, 2009

Riveted Baggage Area Ribs, other details - 4.0 hrs.

I started out today by torqueing down the bolts and nuts that hold the top and bottom ends of the seat ribs to the F-704 bulkhead. This part is now finished. I need to get some torque seal for the nuts. They need to be marked, along with all the ones on the wings. Once I finished torqueing the nuts, I riveted the top of each seat rib to the F-704 bulkhead. This was easy with the squeezer. Next, I turned my attention to the remaining baggage area ribs. I decided to go ahead and rivet them to the structure, even though I haven't decided whether or not to make my baggage floor removeable. So much of my time tonight was spent riveting these 4 ribs to the F-705 bulkhead. I also located the baggage floor skins from inventory and clecoed them to the assembly, along with the seat floor skins. I decided to drill these skins to the ribs before riveting the bottom skin on, to avoid making a mess of shavings inside a completed structure. I cleaned it all up when I was finished and set the seat skins and baggage skins aside for now.

Next, I turned the skeleton upside down and clecoed the bottom skin in place. This time it's on for good! Here are a couple of pictures:

This is now ready for riveting! Let's see if I can round up some help...

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