March 25, 2009

Finished left F-715 seat rib - 2.5 hrs.

Tonight I finished the other F-715 seat rib. This is the one on the left side. Boy, does it feel good to have these finished.

Here's the left side rib, about halfway into drilling it to the bottom skin.

And here it is, all deburred, dimpled, skin deburred and dimpled, clecoed back in place.

Top flange has been fluted and drilled to the seat floor skins. After deburring, the seat floor skins were clecoed in place.

All four seat floor skins are now drilled and clecoed to the structure. There is a .032" spacing between the edge of the seat skins and the outside edge of the rib flange web, easily accomplished using a scrap spacer piece of aluminum. The baggage floor skins were drilled to the ribs days ago, but I'm leaving them off until this is joined to the aft fuse so I have access to everything. Then I'll cleco them in place.

My center section is now ready to join to the aft fuse! But before I do, I'm going to have to rearrange my shop and move things around. There just isn't room for this... and how long this will be... especially all the way up to the firewall. I'm still hoping to get this done in the next day or two.

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