April 6, 2009

Trimmed Longerons to length on Fwd. Ends - 1.0 hrs.

I couldn't get much shop time today, but I managed to trim the longerons to length on the forward ends. They needed about 1/8" trimmed off of each one to give the 3/4" setback from the forward edge of the skin. I used the die grinder with a cutoff disk, but also tried the dremmel tool and even a hacksaw. I suppose it would have been an easier job if I took the time to prop the longeron on something solid like a short table or something, but I didn't take the time. I just hand-held it. Not the best situation, but I was careful and got it done. Then I carefully filed and deburred the cut ends and smoothed them up with some emery cloth.

Lots more drilling comes next... stay tuned...

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