April 23, 2009

Installed Left F-719 Stiffener - 2.0 hrs.

Today I took another look at the F-719 stiffeners and decided that one of them isn't too bad and maybe I can make it work. I'm going to get a new one from Vans and replace the right one. So I went ahead with the left one to see if I can make it work.

After applying my brute force finesse technique, I got it to a point where it will look fairly good. I used some tape to hold it to the inside of the side skin, because there's no way to clamp this part in place. When the centerline was showing in the holes, I started drilling. Here's the finished installation, drilled and clecoed in place. I also installed and drilled the F-719B angle clip. These little clips caused me some frustration, too. The one in the picture above is actually the 3rd one I made for this side. The first one shouldn't have had the hole drilled in the vertical side, since there's no way to get a drill in there and backdrill through the hole and the firewall angle. I messed up the 2nd one when I trimmed the skin side of the angle too narrow and didn't have enough edge distance for the rivets. The third time was a charm. Worked out perfect. The hole in the firewall angle was drilled by just eyeballing it and drilling from this side.

I quit here until I get a replacement F-719 for the right side. I'm hoping to be able to drive down to Vans tomorrow and pick one up so I can work this weekend without being stalled for lack of a part.

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