April 27, 2009

Installed F-902 Forward Bulkheads - 3.0 hrs.

I didn't get a chance to drive to Vans today to replace the angle stock for the lower forward longerons. So I looked to see what I could get done on the project anyway. The next thing is to install the F-902 Forward vertical Bulkheads. I pulled them out and saw that the notches in the sides need to be deburred and cleaned up beforehand, so that the F-713 and F-719 angles can fit into it properly. As long as I'm deburring, why not deburr the whole thing? It needs to be done anyway. So I spent an hour carefully deburring all the edges all around. Next, part of the flange needs to be fluted, so I did that. Finally, I clecoed them in place for a trial fit and drilled them to the side skins. A bit more deburring and filing needed to be done in the notches, then they fit perfectly. I also drilled out the pilot holes to 5/8" for the rudder cables, and countersunk the rivet holes that will hold the nutplates on. Except for dimpling and priming, these bulkheads are essentially finished.

Careful filing and trimming if necessary results in a good fit around the angle stiffeners.

It really looks good to see almost everything in place on the sides of the forward fuse.

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