May 9, 2009

Re-made the F-796B Angles - 2.5 hrs.

After thinking about it since my last work session, I decided that I can't live with the F-796B angles that I fabricated and installed last time. So I re-made new ones and installed them. I'll show you why.

Since the F-713 longerons angle downward, the F-796B angle should have been cut at the same angle in order to fit better. This would not be a big deal if it were not for the short edge distance for the bolt that goes in this hole. When I cut these angles to length, I cut them at a right angle as seen above and below. I should have cut them with a bit more length to allow for this angle to be fabricated into the part. You can see that it would provide more edge distance for this hole. The hole will be even larger when I drill it out to #12 for the 3/16" bolt that goes here, giving me even less edge distance. I'll hardly have any edge distance at all. If I can improve this by re-making this part, so be it.

Same thing with the one on the other side. Both of them have to be re-done.

Here's the new left one, fab'd, fitted, and drilled in place. Much better fit. Much better edge distance. I can't get it any better than this. Now it's ready to enlarge the top and bottom holes to #12 for the bolts that will go in here, and to drill the third #12 hole for the tank attach bracket on the outside.

Above, you can see that the drilling is finished. I used keeper rivets taped in place to hold the spacers in place behind the angle while drilling.

On the outside I fitted the tank attach brackets. The fuel tank on the wing has an angle bracket that will be bolted on here when the wings are mated to the fuselage.

Now I feel this is done properly, and I can move on with the rudder pedals that I wanted to get started on the other day.

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