June 1-6, 2009

Bottom Fwd. Skin, Dimpling, Countersinking - 10.0 hrs.

Well, nearly another week has gone by. The work continues as I'm able to make time in bits and pieces. Again, there aren't a lot of pictures and it may not look like much has been accomplished, but progress is being made.

I finished most of the prep work on the bottom foward skin. The edge deburring is done, along with deburring all the holes on both sides. Then the skin was dimpled. This thing is ready for primer and paint.

Then I dimpled or countersunk all of these parts where needed. A few of the parts needed large holes drilled out for rudder cables, fuel or vent lines, etc. I spent quite a bit of time studying the drawings again, because some of these rivets require dimpling and some don't. These parts are all now ready for cleaning and priming.

Finally, I made a decision about the channel cover for the baggage area. I'm going to use flush #8 screws to hold this cover in place, rather than the round-headed screws called for in the plans. It simply means more dimpling and using different nutplates. I will also have to dimple the underlying ribs in the center section. But it's not a big deal. it will be nice to have this baggage floor surface nice and smooth.

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