June 8-13, 2009

Dismantling and Prep Work Continues - 9.0 hrs.

Over the last six days I have put time in almost every day, but there's not much to show for it. So I don't have any pictures. At this point, the dismantling of the fuselage continues piece by piece. I have most all of the smaller parts ready to prime/paint. All the stuff in the forward fuselage has been removed and deburred, dimpled or countersunk. It's ready for paint and riveting!

The big right side skin is also deburred, edges deburred and smoothed, and the vinyl rivet-line strips removed. It's ready for priming/painting and then I'll dimple it. The left side skin has also been removed and is lying on the bench waiting for its turn for all the prep work.

At this point, I'm also investing a considerable amount of time looking into how I'm going to paint the interior, what products I'm going to paint it with, what color(s) to use, and so on. I'm also trying to decide whether to paint all these parts before riveting them together, or waiting until later to paint it all at once. I'm leaning toward painting it now, while I have easy access to all the parts. Then some touch-up can easily be done if necessary after riveting. All of this leads into thinking about upholstery and fabric choices, colors, and so on as well. It all goes together, of course. So I need to make some decisions about all these things. Not to mention that the colors and choices for the interior carry over to the exterior scheme as well. And the big question... should I attempt to paint the airplane myself or not? I would really, really like to have the plane painted before it's first flight. I just want to have it done. I know it can be done, and at a considerable savings if I do it myself. But I want a real nice job, too.

So I have a lot on my mind as the work continues. Stay tuned... I'll have pictures of something worth looking at very soon.

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