June 14, 2009

Prep Work Continues - 5.0 hrs.

Today I actually sprayed some primer and squeezed some rivets. What fun! But before that, I spent time prepping the big left side skin. There are a lot of holes to deburr (both sides) and the edge deburring and smoothing takes quite a while, too. The large holes and openings are deburred. Vinyl strips removed. Both side skins are now ready for interior paint and then dimpling. The day is coming closer when I put all this stuff back together and start riveting.

A lot of work goes into these guys. They're ready for primer/paint and then dimpling.

I also pulled the F-715 outer seat ribs from the fuse and cleaned them up. After deburring, I realized that they need nutplates riveted on like the rest of the seat ribs. So I scuffed and cleaned them up, primed them, and riveted the nutplates on. While I was at it, I did the same thing to the corner gussets seen above. These parts are almost ready to install. I still need to run a tap through the threads of the nutplates to make it easier to put in the screws.

I also spent some time today deburring the firewall and cleaning it up. The holes drilled in the stainless steel leave very sharp burrs. You can seriously cut yourself if you aren't careful! I'm glad to have them all deburred.

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