June 15-16, 2009

Center Section Removed, Work on Longerons - 5.0 hrs.

Yesterday and today I worked on the final dismantling of the fuselage and worked on the main longerons. But first...

I drove to Ashland on Saturday and retrieved Daniel from Southern Oregon University. Over 10 hours driving, round trip. Here, we're all loaded up in front of his dorm room, ready to drive home. Boy, he had a lot of stuff! It barely fit in my vehicle. But we made it okay. We had a real nice drive home with lots of time to talk. So my beloved son and riveting partner is home for the summer! We're both very happy about that. So he was here to help me pull the center section apart from the aft fuselage. This completes the dismantling of the fuselage. It's kind of funny... the last thing he helped me with when he was home for spring break in March was the joining of the center section to the fuse. And now the first thing he helps me with when he comes back home is to take it all apart again. He probably wonders what the heck is going on, and what I've been doing this whole time.

Here's the center section sitting on the floor in the shop. Deburring and dimpling needs to be done on the aft two lines of rivet holes, and that's about it.

I'll have to pull the F-706 bulkhead out for deburring and dimpling, and deburring and dimpling of the aft fuse, too. But the main longerons, seen lying here, are all finished. There's a lot of work involved deburring all those holes on the inside surfaces, and then countersinking them on the outside surfaces. But they're done. They're ready for cleaning up and priming.

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