June 17, 2009

Center Section Prep - 2.5 hrs.

Today I finished the prep work on the center section, and the doubler plates that go in between the side skins and the F-704 bulkhead.

The two horizontal rows of rivets on the aft end of the center section bottom skin needed to be deburred and dimpled. Simple stuff. Done.

Then I pulled off the side doubler plates and the little straps that hold them to the longerons. I studied the drawings to confirm which holes need to be countersunk and which ones left alone. After deburring all the holes, I countersunk the appropriate holes. Then I spent some time scuffing and cleaning them up for priming. Since none of these parts will be visible from the interior, I'm simply priming them and that's that. Here they are, all primed and finished. They're ready for riveting.

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