June 19, 2009

Prep Work on F-706 Bulkhead, Aft Fuse - 4.5 hrs.

Today I had to drill out a few rivets that I shouldn't have put in when riveting the aft fuse together, so I could pull the F-706 bulkhead out of the aft fuse for deburring, dimpling, and clean-up.

Here it is, good to go after doing the prep work. I also used my Q-Tip method to touch up some minor scratches in the primer.

It looks kind of funny to see the aft fuse without the F-706 bulkhead in place. I did the same prep work here, deburring and dimpling all the holes around the forward end where the F-706 bulkhead fits in place. Then, I decided to mask off the overlap areas on the outside skin surfaces for priming. Might as well get this done now as well.

Here's a shot from the front. I also crawled underneath and deburred all the holes along the longeron runs. All those holes need to be dimpled as well.

After deburring and dimpling, I finished masking off the overlap areas of the skin. I will scuff, clean, and prime this before flipping the fuse over to work on the inside.

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