June 26, 2009

Drilled Bellcrank Channel to F-706; Countersunk Firewall - 1.5 hrs.

I only had a short amount of time today, but I took care of a couple of little details that needed to be done.

While it's still out of the aft fuse, I was looking at the F-706 bulkhead. At the top of the vertical F-728 bellcrank channel, there are four holes that will eventually rivet the channel to the top of the F-706. The top hole was drilled and clecoed back when I put this bulkhead together. But the other 3 holes need to be backdrilled through the bulkhead using the channel holes as a guide. This would be more difficult to do later on after this bulkhead is in the aft fuse without crawling into the small space. It was also made easier by temporarily removing the angle stiffener from the aft side of the channel. So I decided to do it now while it's out of the fuse and access is easy. I hope I don't regret this, but I took the angle stiffener off and drilled the 3 holes indicated above. It was easy and it's done.

Next, I realized that I hadn't countersunk the bottom angle of the firewall for the bottom skin rivets. So I set up the countersink cage and countersunk all those holes, followed by spot-priming the countersinks with my Q-tip method (no picture). NOW the firewall is ready to rivet.

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