July 12, 2009

Shooting Topcoat on the Fuselage Parts - 3.0 hrs.

I managed to get a satisfactory topcoat on many of the parts yesterday, but some of them just wouldn't take the JetFlex because the primer was a bit thicker in some spots and it wasn't totally dry. So I left those parts to cure overnight and try again today. The primer was dry enough today, the topcoat covered it just fine, and I managed to finish spraying the topcoat on all the smaller fuselage parts and the longerons. I didn't take any pictures. My frustrations continue with my air system. I spent quite a bit of time fiddling with all the adjustments but it didn't help a bit.

July 13, 2009

Scuffed and Cleaned Forward Bottom Skin - 1.5 hrs.

I have managed to finish the topcoat on most of the smaller fuselage parts. The big side skins are next, along with the forward bottom skin. Tonight, I had enough time to scuff and clean the forward bottom skin for priming.

July 14, 2009

More painting and prepping - 3.0 hrs.

Today I finally finished the topcoat on all the smaller parts. There were just a few remaining. I also shot topcoat on the F-705 bulkhead. While it was drying, I flipped the center section over to scuff and clean the overlap area on the forward end of the bottom skin.

July 15, 2009

More prepping and some painting - 4.0 hrs.

Today I scuffed and cleaned the big side skins. What a lot of work! When they were all thoroughly dry, I mixed up some primer and shot them with primer, along with the center section overlap area on the bottom.

Here's one of the big side skins, primed and laid out to dry. In the background, you can see the center section lying on my little workbench upside down, after I primed the overlap area on the forward end.

Here's the forward bottom skin, primed and standing here to finish drying.

Here's another shot of the center section, showing the primed forward overlap area. This won't get any topcoat, obviously. It's finished and ready to go.

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