July 17, 2009

Shooting Topcoat - 6.5 hrs.

Today was a pretty big day. My goal was to finish shooting all the rest of the topcoat and start the reassembly of the fuselage. Plus, I finally have some pictures of the topcoat that I'm not embarrassed to show. First, I masked off the F-706 bulkhead and shot the topcoat on it. I also shot the F-705 bulkhead, the forward bottom skin, and the big side skins.

Here's the F-706 immediately after shooting the top coat.

Here's a shot of the finished bottom forward skin.

This is an interesting shot of the F-705 bulkhead, showing the contrast in colors between the lighter gray SEM primer I've used throughout the project, and the darker JetFlex topcoat.

Here are a couple shots of the side skins, all finished. Obviously, I don't need to paint the topcoat on areas that won't show. So I had masked them off before shooting the topcoat.

While the side skins were drying, I unmasked the F-706 and cleaned it up. Daniel came out and helped me flip it over, and then we installed the longerons. It really feels good to have these back in place for good.

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