August 5, 2009

More riveting - 1.5 hrs.

Today, I managed to get an hour from Daniel. He helped me finish riveting the right side skin double row of rivets on the F-706 bulkhead.

August 6 , 2009

Riveted Bottom Center Section Skin to F-704 Bulkhead - 1.0 hrs.

My son Paul came home from San Diego today for a weekend visit. It was so nice to have him home. He's been following my progress and wanted to have a hand in helping me. So tonight we spent some time hanging out, and I showed him how to use the rivet gun. He hasn't helped me before, so this was really a good time. He helped me rivet the bottom center section skin and bottom forward skin to the F-704 Bulkhead. Little by little, it's getting done. Thanks, Paul! It was great to have you home.

August 8-9 , 2009

More riveting - 2.0 hrs.

Today I got some help from Luke. He's a man who gets into it and gets things done. When he got ahold of the rivet gun, there was no stopping him. We managed, in one session, to finish the F-704 to bottom skin rivets. Next session, we got all the forward bottom skin rivets done, except for the row along the firewall.

I'm peeling the vinyl away on the bottom as I get the riveting finished. Everything is done up to the F-705 bulkhead now.

A couple more shots from different angles.

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