September 12, 2009

Deburring, Dimpling, Prepping, Priming - 3.0 hrs.

Some of the usual grunt work got done today. It has to be done. No pictures. Boring. But I managed to deburr the F-787, F-788, and J-stringers. Then I scuffed them, cleaned them, primed them, and dimpled them. They're all finished, and clecoed back onto the fuselage waiting for the skins. I also riveted the F-707B angle onto the F-787 rib.

September 14, 2009

More of the Same - Skins this time - 2.0 hrs.

Another exciting day here at the Swayze airplane factory. Today I started in on the top skins. There's a lot of prep work with big skins like this. It starts with deburring every hole. On both sides. Then I removed a narrow strip of blue vinyl all around the edges, in preparation for edge finishing. The edges of these parts, fresh from the factory, are really rough. It's nice to clean them up and get them baby-butt smooth. I'll be doing that soon.

Do I really need pictures of this? Hmmmm... I didn't think so either.

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