September 17, 2009

Edge Deburring the Top Skin, F-775 - 1.0 hr.

I got started on the edge deburring for the top skins today. The F-775 is the aftmost top skin. In just about an hour, I had the edges smoothed and finished.

September 20, 2009

More Edge Deburring, F-774 - 2.0 hrs.

Today I tackled the other top skin, the big F-774. It took me nearly 2 hours to get this one nice and smooth all around.

This is a big skin! And with the curve it has in it to accomodate the rear windshield, there's more edge here than meets the eye. I'm glad to have this done.

My little workbench can be wheeled outside like a wheelbarrow for this kind of work. It's perfect to clamp a skin to it, and do the work.

I suppose everyone has their own method for edge deburring. I've tried it all, but these are my current favorite tools of choice for edge deburring. Especially the large parts. From left to right, I start with a coarse Vixen file to knock off the bumps. Then I use a "v"-notched deburring tool to put a chamfer on the top and bottom edges of the skin. Several firm pulls with this tool usually does it enough. A fine file is next, to bring a basic smoothness and remove any final bumps or sharp burrs. My right-angle die grinder is next, with a 2" medium scotchbrite wheel. It's the same kind of scotchbrite wheel most of us have on our bench grinders. I give it one or two passes with this. Finally, my other die grinder is set up with both a 1" medium scotchbrite wheel or a fine softer wheel for the final buffing of the edge. These small wheels twist or screw on and off the coarse-threaded holder very quickly, so it's easy to change from one to the other. I usually end using both of them.

My method is to clamp the skin to the bench with an overhang of an inch or so. I use all these tools on a length of the skin until it's finished, then unclamp, move the skin, re-clamp and go at it again. When I'm done, the edges of the skin are baby-butt smooth.

Scuffing and priming the interior side of these skins will come next. That's why I pulled the vinyl off the interior surfaces of both top skins. My plan is to prime both these skins and some other parts in a big priming session to come very soon. Then I will dimple them. I want to have these skins done and ready to rivet, even though I don't plan on riveting them on until a lot of things get done inside the fuselage.

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