September 24, 2009

Visit to Stephen Christopher's Project!

A business trip brought me to the Seattle area today, so I left home earlier than necessary to allow some extra time to visit a good friend of mine. My buddy Stephen Christopher and his wife Missy are building an RV-7 with a Tip-up. They also fly a Cessna that they have owned for some time. I got acquainted with him earlier this year, and we have stayed in touch as the months have gone by. He visited me one time on a trip he made to Portland. Now, it was my turn to see his project. So Jamie and I stopped by for a visit.

If you want to see somebody who is really on a roll, you should check out the progress Stephen is making on his plane! He started after I did, and followed my progress for a long time. Earlier this year, he passed me up, and he is now WAY ahead of me. And he's not doing a quick build, either. He's building a standard kit, like I am. He already has much of his finish kit done, has an engine on order that will be delivered shortly, and he has already moved his project into a hanger at the Arlington airport. Wow!

His plane is really coming together. He has the empennage mounted, and he's almost finished with his canopy work. One thing I liked was his cool shop light! It's a flourescent fixture, mounted on a tripod that he can put anywhere he needs it. It was fun hanging out, looking his project over, and asking a lot of questions. I came home with some valuable tips to use as I try (in vain) to catch up with him.

Jamie shot a photo of us before we left. Thanks for the hospitality, Stephen! I hope we can visit again sometime soon.

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