September 26, 2009

More Work on the Top Skins; Fuselage Details - 6.5 Hrs.

I had a good day in the shop today. I started out by working again on the top aft skins, the F-774 and F-775. I spent a significant amount of time scuffing and cleaning the inside surfaces of the skins, in preparation for priming. Then, I primed them, along with the baggage floor skins and seat pan skins. Once dry, I dimpled the rear F-775 skin. I didn't take any pictures of this work.

Next, I turned my attention to some interior details that I wanted to get done before the top skins are put back on. First, I got out my SafeAir1 Pitot-Static Plumbing kit that I got from Avery Tools. This kit is the way to go! Then, I located and drilled the 1/4" holes for the static ports, mixed up some proseal, and prosealed them both in place. I moved the holes forward a few sixteenths of an inch from the location specified in the plans, to allow for the size of the ports' flange and the close proximity to the flange of the F-708 bulkhead. I was originally thinking of riveting them in place, but that's one of the tips I brought home after visiting Stephen Christopher. All you need is a bead of proseal. These things will never come off.

Here's the inside view of one of the static ports, all sealed in place. Below, the static port as seen from the outside. I'll install all the fittings and the static line itself after the top skins are riveted in place. The line and the fittings would be in the way for riveting if I installed it now.

Then, I pulled the rudder cables from inventory. Now is the easiest time to thread the cables through all the bulkheads and snap-bushings, before the top skins are put back on.

In fact, it's bad enough with the top skins off. It's a hassle getting the ends of the cables through the snap-bushings. You can't do it while the snap-bushings are in place. You have to pull the snap bushing off, squeeze it a little while pushing the end of the cable through it, then push the snap bushing back in place.

Next, I clecoed the F-775 skin back in place. Hopefully for good this time.

I'm not planning on riveting it on just yet, but I probably won't ever have to take it off again.

Today also marked a special anniversary of sorts. It was one year ago today that I started on the fuselage kit. Wow! It's come a long way since starting on the firewall that day.

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