October 7, 2009

More Riveting - 2.0 Hrs.

I decided to do some riveting today, and see how many rivets on the top aft skin, the F-774, I can reach and rivet solo. I squeezed as many as I could reach with my squeezer yesterday, so today I got out my rivet gun and bucking bar.

I was able to reach all the remaining rivets around the F-709, and from the F-709 bulkhead along the longerons up to the F-708, by reaching through the holes. Now, when I get inside to buck the rest (as soon as I can round up some help) I won't have to crawl back any further than the F-708. I'm really happy with how all these turned out so far. Looks great!

Then, a little while later my brother Steve showed up. He's never done anything to help me on the project, so I figured it's about time. He said he only had a few minutes, so rather than continue on this skin, I pressed him into service on the F-728 vertical bellcrank rib.

I was originally going to wait with this rib until I had the top skin riveted on, but after talking with my friend Stephen Christopher recently, I changed my mind.

There are 4 rivets that fasten the rib to the fuselage floor, and it's impossible to rivet them without some help. So Steve held the bucking bar and I crawled underneath with my rivet gun and hammered them home. Then he helped me with the forward three 1/8" rivets that fasten the lower end of the F-728 to the F-706 bulkhead. The top four 3/32" rivets were easily squeezed after he left. Thanks Steve! This baby is now permanently part of this airplane, even though I still have to squeeze the top rivets in.

The final little bit of satisfaction comes from pressing the snap bushing into place. You know you're done when you get to do this, and you hear that nice little "click".

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