October 18, 2009

Installed Shoulder Belt Anchors and Cables - 1.0 Hr.

Today I pulled out the bag with the shoulder belt cables and studied the drawing to find the hardware needed to install them. Why did I decide to do this now? Well, it may sound trivial but the boards in the aft fuse that I was lying on to buck rivets are still in there. Before pulling them out of there and cleaning it all up, I thought I would crawl in there one more time and install these parts. They have to go in at some point; why not now? It's less parts sitting on the shelf and I may as well get it done. That's how easy this decision was.

Here are the shoulder belt cables, bolted and torqued to the anchors. It's much easier to get this much done outside the plane before crawling in there.

The right one, above, and the left one below. After torqueing them down, I applied some torque seal.

This wasn't as easy as it looks. It's cramped in there and hard to get both hands in place with wrenches to tighten the nuts on the bolts. But I got it done, torqued, and sealed. Yippee!

I suppose by the same reasoning, I should have also installed the static line fittings and tubing. But I'll wait. I'm sure I'll be crawling in here again at some point for wiring or whatever.

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