November 14, 2009

The Baggage Bulkheads - 4.0 Hrs.

Today I started work on the baggage bulkheads. It comes in two parts; the squarish lower piece and the curved upper piece.

Here's the lower square piece. From reading some other websites, it appears as though I had it pretty good compared to some of my friends with older kits. All of these holes are now pre-punched in this piece. The upper piece needs to be trimmed as seen below, however, and no holes are pre-punched on it. It also needs to be notched. Then all edges need to be deburred as usual.

In the picture above, you will also see some of the other parts that need to be fab'd. There are 8 little square aluminum washers that need a #30 hole drilled in the middle, and the plastic parts. The plastic parts are drilled and notched for the shoulder belt cable to pass through, and the bulkhead is notched and drilled as seen as well. This is all pretty much straightfoward and easily done. It just takes time to lay it all out and measure carefully so you don't mess it up.

Then, I clecoed the lower bulkhead in place. Easily done. Then, the holes are drilled out to the proper size. That's all I got done today, but it feels like a good start on this part.

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