November 15, 2009

The Baggage Bulkheads continued - 5.0 Hrs.

Today I continued work on the baggage bulkheads.

In order to position the upper piece accurately, I previously drilled it to the lower piece on the bench, and marked where to drill the rest of the holes around the curve. I drilled all those holes to #40 before fitting it in place. Then it was a simple matter of drilling to #30 through the holes and clecoing in place. Then, I removed the top skin so I had access to the back side.

With access to the back side, I was able to clamp the plastic parts in place, check carefully for fit and position, and then drill them in place.

This insures a good close fit. And it looks good, too. Above, as seen from the back side. Below, how it looks from the front.

WIth all the fabrication and drilling complete, it's time to dismantle it all and prep the parts for priming and paint. Then I'll rivet the parts together and this will be finished.

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