December 1-3, 2009

Prep Work on Seats, F-638 Seatback Support Brackets - 6.0 Hrs.

Well, I put in another several days of prep work with no exciting pictures to show. After finishing the fabrication of all the seat parts, it was a lot of work to take it all apart and deburr, strip the vinyl, scuff and clean it all up, and prepare it for priming and painting. I also worked on the F-638 Seatback support brackets. Like the rest of the parts on these seats, they needed a lot of work.

Here are the seatback support brackets. I have marked and pilot-drilled them for the lightening holes that need to be cut. I have also marked the ends for trimming.

Then it was time for my dangerous tool. I used the fly-cutter to cut the lightening holes in each piece. Then I trimmed the ends.

Here they are, trimmed, deburred and ready to drill to the hinges. You can see one of the hinges is marked for drilling. I'll continue from here tomorrow.

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