December 16, 2009

The F-782C Cover - continued - 1.0 hr.

I found one hour today to work and I used it as best as I could. I finished bending the last 3 louvers on the F-782C Cover. They are now finished, but ready for the tedious hand work to deburr them.

Lookin' good! I'm really pleased at how this came out.

December 17, 2009

The F-782C Cover - continued - 1.5 hrs.

I spent most of the time today deburring the edges of all the metal around the louvers on the F-782C cover. This was tedious, boring, and had to all be done by hand, but I got it done. Then I cleaned it up and shot a coat of primer on it.

I'm really glad to get this piece done! It's ready to fit and drill to the fuselage floor and the firewall.

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