December 19, 2009

The F-782C Cover continued, Painting Top Coat - 2.5 hrs.

The first task today was to finish the second stick boot ring. When it was done, the next thing was to drill the F-782C cover to the fuselage. This meant some preparation work, which took quite a bit of time. The plans call for a 15/16" spacing distance between the cover and the floor. The best way to accurately achieve this, I believe, is to rip some 2 x 4 scraps into 15/16" thickness and put them underneath the cover. The cover can then be pushed down onto them and drilled to the floor stiffeners. I used my right-angle drill and took care of this without any problems. I didn't think to take any pictures. The cover is also drilled to the stainless steel firewall recess. I had previously prepared it and clecoed it to the firewall, so it was ready to go. When this was all done, the parts were deburred and cleaned for final topcoat painting.

I deburred and dimpled the firewall recess for the two nutplates that go on to hold the cover in place. I got out my backriveting plate and backrived them on. Perfect results. Then I put this piece aside for a while. There's a lot of work to do before this gets riveted on for good.

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