January 4-5, 2010

The Flap Actuator - continued - 4.0 hrs.

Another couple of days to report on. I deburred and primed the remaining parts, and the side covers. As I've been doing all along in the cabin, I'm doing the topcoat painting of items as I go. First, I pulled the F-785A backrest brace out and deburred the edges. Then I drilled and clecoed the F-785B angle bracket to it.

Next, I also deburred the side covers and cut a notch in the left one for the bolt head to clear.

In the shot above, the backrest brace is now primed along with the side covers.

When the primer was dry, I topcoat painted the parts that will show. Then, I riveted the F-785B angle to the seatback brace, and the F-767 attach plate to the F-766A channel (it had previously been installed in the fuselage and drilled). At this point I realized that part of the F-767 attach plate will show and it needs a coat of JetFlex paint, too. I'll have to shoot this area again. You can see in the shot below how much will show.

Then, I installed the motor to the flap actuator weldment and then inside the channel in the fuselage. Here are some shots showing how the motor fits in the channel, and how the channel fits in the fuselage between the seats. It was fun hooking the motor up to a battery and seeing it move! It will take 5 or 6 seconds to move the flaps from full up to full down or vice-versa.

In the shot above, the F-766B angle is now ready to be clamped and drilled to the channel. Below, the lower end of the flap motor. It needs to be safety wired, and I need to do some checking to see if I should do it now and install this in place permanently right now, or if it's best to wait. Also, it occurs to me that I don't know how to safety wire. I have the tools and the wire, I just need to learn how it's done. The drawing isn't real clear on how it goes.

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