January 6-7, 2010

The Flap Actuator - continued - 2.0 hrs.

With the parts in place, I clamped the F-766B angle to the inside of the F-766A channel. Then, it's an easy thing to drill through the pre-punched holes in the channel and cleco the angle in place. Then, finally, remove the clamp and drill the third hole in the middle.

Next, I installed and drilled the F-785A backrest brace to the F-705 bulkhead. Then, it's time to install the side covers and drill the back row of holes to the backrest brace.

Above, the left side drilled and clecoed with black clecos for #8 screws. Below, the right side.

Next, the obvious thing. Take this stuff all apart and out of the fuselage for deburring and riveting. Nutplates need to be installed in the backrest brace. Also time to get the shop-vac out and clean up the mess of drill shavings inside the cabin.

Here's the F-766B angle riveted to the channel. Other than more paint on the other side, this part is now finished.

In the shot above, you can also see that I now have the nutplates installed in the seatback brace. Other than another shot of JetFlex paint, the flap actuator parts are now finished. I need to check and see if I should go ahead and install this stuff now, or if it's best to wait. I would prefer not to install and safety wire it, only to have to take it out for some reason later on. The plans say to go ahead, but I want to be sure.

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