January 11, 2010

The Flap Actuator - continued - 2.0 hrs.

ALERT! I was corresponding with my friend, Stephen Christopher, and he allerted me to a potential interference problem that the seats may have with the flap actuator assembly. When the bottoms of the seat frames are installed in the middle hinge bracket on the floor, you can't swing the seats forward very far before the frame hits the brackets on the bottom of the F-766A flap actuator channel. I checked this out in my case, and it's true. Thank you, Stephen, for alerting me to this! I'm not sure when I would have discovered it on my own. I'm glad I can deal with it now.

I'm showing where I trimmed these brackets. After doing this, there's no interference with the seat frame when you tip it forward to have access to the baggage area. That's about all I got done today. But I'm happy nonetheless.

I thought I would include a shot of these parts that I finished up, too. These are the flap pushrods that attach inside the plane to the flap actuator weldment. The bottom ends pass through a small opening in the fuselage and attach to the flaps. Finishing these involved trimming them to length, boring out the holes to the proper diameter with a #3 drill, then tapping them for the rod end bearings as you see here. Finally, I primed them inside and out before installing the hardware. These will be put aside until later, when the wings are mated to the fuse.

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