January 30-31, 2010

Roll Bar Assembly - continued - 4.0 hrs.

My work is continuing on the cabin frame. I've spent quite a bit of time filing the ends of the bow to get it down to the right height. Nothing real exciting, just a lot of filing work. Then, finally, it was time to dismantle it for all the deburring and prep work.

First, though, you need to drill this angle to the aft side. This angle will be riveted to the supporting channel that goes between the top of the cabin frame and the F-706 bulkhead behind it. There's a 9/32" allowance here to leave room for the rear part of the canopy to slide in here.

Once this was finished, I pulled the top supporting channel and stripped the vinyl and began deburring it. I deburred all the holes and edges and also started countersinking the channels. This was somewhat difficult on the curved surfaces of the cabin frame. It's hard to get consistent countersinks with the countersink cage because the curvature changes for each hole. So I got it close and finished the rest of the countersink by hand using my deburring bit and handheld drill.

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