February 1-2, 2010

Roll Bar Assembly - continued - 4.0 hrs.

I finished all the countersinking on the cabin frame channels. This was a slow process since each hole had to be carefully finished by hand to the proper depth. That's because it's impossible to set the countersink cage to a standard depth for each hole, because of the varying curvature of the channel. But it's finally finished.

These babies are now ready to clean up and prepare for priming. I'm going to get some other parts ready first, though.

Next, I finished the drilling of the top support channel to the F-706 bulkhead. I had also drilled and countersunk the stiffener/spacer plate that sits on top of it (barely seen here, under the top skin). This leaves a gap above the channel for the canopy to be able to slip in here.

Next, I pulled the elevator pushrod tubes and began work on them. They need to be trimmed to length and deburred before priming. Why am I doing those now? I decided that next time I prime a batch of parts, I'll do them in the same batch. The insides of the tubes need to be primed, and I want them to have plenty of time to dry inside before riveting the ends in place.

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