March 14, 2010

Vent Plumbing finished, Started on Fuel System - 6.5 hrs.

The first thing I did today was the vent line for the right side. This one went a lot faster. Probably less than half the time compared to the other one. The learning curve is advancing.

Here's the completed vent line for the right side. I'm proud of this work. Turned out just the way I wanted it to look.

Here's a shot from the centerline of the fuselage, allowing you to see both vent lines. It's great to see these in place. Next, I installed the fittings for the brake lines, but as I studied the drawing I decided to put the fuel lines in first. The brake lines will be done later, after the fuel lines are in place. The reason I'm waiting for the brake lines is because I think there's more flexibility about working them into place around the fuel line. The fuel line is larger and harder to work with, so I want it in place first. I guess we'll see if my thinking is correct.

So, it's on to the fuel system! Here's a picture I'm excited about. It's my new Andair fuel pump and filter assembly. I was fortunate to get in on a group buy through VansAirforce.net and get this at a good price. This is a high pressure setup for a fuel injected engine. From what I've seen of previous installations of a different brand, this is much simpler.

Andair provides you with good documentation, and installation drawings. In this picture, I have cut away part of the cover on the right, to make room for the fuel filter to go through. I have also removed the flange on the aft end of the big cover, and marked it for another hole that needs to be cut for the fuel line to go through. This whole setup will be covered by a nice looking cover that you can buy from Vans. More on that to follow soon.

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