March 27, 2010

Visit and Inspection from my Technical Counselor

Once I got started on the fuel system plumbing and started studying it, I realized I have run into some issues that I don't have answers for. For example, before installing the fuel line from the pump to the firewall, I need to know where the firewall penetration point is. I can't install a fuel line unless I know exactly where it's going. Vans drawings are good and they show the fuel system all laid out, but it's for a carburated system only. With this new fuel pump I have and planning for a fuel injected engine, things are different. I won't need a gascolator, for instance. So I don't know where the fuel line goes. I'm into some new territory not covered in the plans. With that and some other questions I have, I decided it was time to arrange for a visit from one of our chapters' Technical Counselors. I had visits previously from Randy Lervold, but he took a new job and moved half a state away, so he's not around. It's been a long time since I had someone here to look at my work. So I've been talking with Dan Benua. I first approached him at the December meeting several months ago with a couple of questions. Dan is very knowledgeable, having built an RV-6A and a fabulous new RV-10. He agreed several days ago to come by today.

Dan was very helpful to me, answering all my questions and bringing up a few things I didn't even know to ask. He also looked at my work overall on the fuselage and gave me the thumbs up. Nice! Thanks, Dan!

I'm really looking forward to staying in touch with him. I'm sure I'm going to need his input again before long. The EAA Technical Counselor program is one of the greatest things going. I can't imagine building an airplane without someone like him checking in on me once in a while. And these guys do all this as volunteers. I hope someday I can give something back to a new builder.

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