April 17, 2010

Installing the Fuel Pump Bracket - 3.0 Hrs.

Today I got back to work after a very slow period of progress during the last few weeks. A while back I measured and cut a rectangular opening in the F-782C cover, for the fuel line to pass through from the pump underneath the cover. Then today, I measured carefully and laid out where the fuel pump bracket goes on top of the cover. Then I drilled the bracket to the cover. Finally, I drilled the crossbeam support angles that go underneath the cover and countersunk rivet holes for nutplates.

Since I had this cover nicely painted already, I put down some making tape for marking where to drill the corner hole. The other corners were then drilled. Then, I drilled all the rest of the holes through the cover using the holes in the bracket as a guide. These holes will be used to bolt the fuel pump and electronic controller to the bracket.

Above, the 4 corner holes drilled to #19 for number 8 screws to hold it in place. The other holes have been enlarged enough for the nylock nuts and washers on the bottom side of the bracket to have clearance so they don't touch or rub on the cover. All those bolts and nuts hold the pump and electronic controller to the bracket, but I don't want them bolted to the cover. This will allow me to easily remove the whole assembly if necessary for maintenance by just removing the 4 corner screws. I hope that makes sense. I'll have more pictures to follow.

Here are the two angle crossbeams that go underneath the cover. I'll be installing nutplates here for the 4 corners of the pump bracket to bolt to. The little angle clips will be riveted to the crossbeams and will have nutplates installed to allow me to bolt the whole assembly to the floor stiffeners in the fuselage. Stay tuned, and you'll see how all of this goes together.

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