October 23, 2010

Finishing up the Right Wing - 2.0 Hrs.

It's time now to get back to the wing mating tasks and finish them up. Now that the right wing has been pulled and my shop rearranged, I can finish up the tasks on the right wing. So today I cleaned up and deburred all the holes that had been drilled up from the bottom through the belly skin, and then dimpled them for the #8 screws.

Here's a closeup of the finished dimples:

Next, I was finally able to carefully measure and cut the fuel line to the proper length, deburr and flare the end. Just FYI, if you're building an RV-7A, the length of this fuel line, from the side skin behind the black grommet to the end of the flare, is exactly 3-5/8".

The white tape over the end is to keep spiders, bugs and critters out of the tube until the final wing installation and connection to the fuel tank.

Next, a lot of nutplates are waiting to be installed on the right wing.

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