October 28, 2010

Working on the Left Wing Root - 2.5 Hrs.

My son Luke helped me the other day, to rearrange the shop by turning the fuselage around and installing the left wing. So now, I'm beginning the tasks to finish it up. Today I picked up where I left off last time with the installation of the fuel tank bracket and the nutplate installation.

Above, I riveted the nutplate in place for the fuel tank bracket. In the background, you can also see that before installing the wing, I knew the length required for the fuel line, so I cut it and flared it. It's attached temporarily to double-check the fit. Turned out perfect.

Next, it's on to fabricating the vent line. Now that I have some experience working on these, it's kind of fun. This took me hardly any time at all, and I didn't need to add any tubing to my scrap pile. It's kind of ironic, that as soon as you master a skill, it's time to lay it aside and move on. I probably won't ever do any of these again, since this is the last of the aluminum tubing I'll be installing. My vent and fuel lines are now all finished.

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