June 16, 2007

Wing Kit Inventory - 3 hrs.

Today was inventory day. No exciting pictures, just lots of work checking off everything in the kit to make sure it was all here. Also, time was spent cleaning and organizing the shop to find places to put all this stuff. (the leading edge and tank skins are now standing on end in my bedroom!) Only two minor mistakes were made by the people at Van's in pulling the parts for my kit. When you do yours, be sure to inventory the hardware bag! Van's has a note in there that you don't need to count all the rivets but you should check the hardware bags to make sure there aren't any mistakes. I was missing a bag number 802-3, but I had two bags numbered 803-2. Hmmm... I think you can see what happened... somebody suffering from a moment of dislexia made the mistake. I called Van's Monday morning, and it's no problem. They just asked me to return the extra bag and they will send me the one I'm missing. It's not something I will need for a while, so I told them not to bother shipping it... just hold it for me and I'll be around at some point in the near future to pick it up. I was also missing the counterweight pipes for the ailerons, but I'll pick those up on my next visit, too.

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