August 5, 2007

Now for the Right Wing - 1 hr.

I didn't have much time today, but I managed to get the right wing spar up on the blocks, and get all the ribs clecoed on, except for the two most inboard ribs in the wingwalk area (right side in the photo below). I will wait with those until I have riveted the 4th and 3rd ribs from the inboard end, seen below on the right side. This is because they are close together in this area and those innermost two ribs will be in the way to reach the rivets on the 3rd rib. So you rivet the 4th rib, then the 3rd rib, then cleco and rivet on the 2nd, and then the innermost 1st rib. Make sense?

Now I'm ready to tackle the riveting on this one tomorrow evening.

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