October 14, 2007

More tank dimping, countersinking. Fabricated attach brackets - 4 hrs.

Today I continued work on the tank by dimpling and countersinking all the remaining parts for the tank. Then I fabricated the tank attach brackets.

I didn't take pictures of the deburring, dimpling, and countersinking, but it feels good to have it done for this tank. Then I moved on to the tank attach brackets. Above, you can see the piece of stock that comes with the wing kit. I have measured and marked for one tank attach bracket. But while I'm at it, I'm going to make both of them.

Here are both pieces, cut out using my band saw, ready to shape per the plans. There's enough material for another one if I mess one of these up.

I marked the curve as shown on the plans, and cut it out on my band saw. This just works like a charm.

Here are both pieces rough-cut, ready for smoothing and deburring.

The bottom of each piece is cut to match the dimensions of the nose of the rib, and all edges deburred, smoothed and polished.

I clamped them together for drilling the rivet holes, so they are both the same (mirror images). Saves time, too.

Here they are... all finished and ready to install. One for each fuel tank. When I build the right wing, I'll be glad this little chore is done. Don't let the clecos confuse you. I took them out. These parts obviously don't go together. It just helped simplify making them both the same, mirror images.

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