October 21, 2007

Drilled attach brackets, stiffener plates - 3 hrs.

Today I continued on the tank attach brackets and stiffener plates. When I was finished, I fabricated the T-714 clips for the fuel tank vent line.

Here is the left tank's bracket, carefully positioned and clamped in place on the inboard rib and ready to drill. Note the additional stiffener plate on the underneath (inside) of the rib. The rib is actually sandwiched between these two stiff pieces, drilled, and riveted in place for strength.

These are the completed end ribs for the fuel tank. The one with the attach bracket is the innermost end rib, and the other one is on the outboard end of the tank. It has a stiffener plate as you can see, but no bracket is needed. No riveting just yet... they will actually get riveted in place after the rib is riveted to the tank skin. While I was doing this, I did the ones for the right tank, too. I'll lay them aside for the other wing, weeks from now.

Now it was time to fabricate these little clips. I made two of them while I was at it, one for each tank. You can see the cleco holding one of them on to the fuel cap flange. It will be riveted in place inside the tank. It is designed to hold a 1/4" vent line in place inside the tank.

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