October 22, 2007

More new toys! (er... tools)

Another order of new tools came in today. What fun! This is like early Christmas. More things I will need to complete the tank, and useful later on in the project as well. This is a collection of things I ordered from ATS (Aircraft Tool Supply Company). Sometimes when I'm looking for something, I see other things on sale that I know I will need eventually. So why not get them while on sale? Anyway, the most important tool for now is the Parker Rolo-Flare tool, with the red handle. This will be necessary to put the flare on the ends of the aluminum tubing that goes inside the fuel tanks. It will see a lot more use later on as well. I also picked up this tubing bender tool. It might come in handy for the tank, but surely later on as well. I also picked up a new round file, and the scotchbright roloc kit. These disks will work in the die grinder for deburring and smoothing operations. What I had in mind specifically in the near future is the work on the scarf joint for the wing skins.

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