October 30, 2007

Trip to Van's, work on new end rib - 1.5 hrs.

Today, I drove over to Van's to pick up a couple of things. I finally decided to go with standard pickup tubes instead of flop tubes. Rather than try to fabricate these with those funky slots cut with a hack saw, as suggested in the plans, I like these much better. I like the idea of the fuel tubes having a screen over the end. Just more peace of mind for me. These are really nice, they include the AN-fittings as you can see, and they're ready to just screw on. They don't cost much either. I also picked up a Fuel Tank test kit, as you can see. It has a bicycle-style inflator that you screw into the drain flange in place of the valve that goes on later. This allows you to attach a bicycle tire pump and pump some air into your tank to test for leaks. I plan on inflating a balloon to check mine. We'll see how well this works. I have a lot of work to do first.

While at Vans, I also picked up a new inboard end rib for the right tank. I ended up ruining the first one. I was drilling the holes for the stiffener plate at the forward end and I drilled through the wrong plate. This resulted in too many holes when I did it again using the correct one. You can see all the holes if you look closely at the picture. I won't bother explaining it all. I just didn't feel right trying to make it work when it was shot full of holes, so I got a replacement. Fortunately, it's not an expensive part. As long as the parts I ruin are cheap ones, I can't complain much.

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