November 1, 2007

Started scuffing inside of skin, lost compressor - 1.5 hrs.

Another package arrived today. This one is from Surplus Sales of Nebraska. They have a great deal on these mini scotchbrite wheels, so I bought a whole bag of them. Check it out if you need some. They're online.

UPDATE: After using some of these scotchbrite wheels, I have found that they are softer and wear out quicker than the usual, more expensive ones. I guess you get what you pay for. But they are still useful and I still think that for the money, they're a good buy.

Next, I hooked up my die grinder and started scuffing the inside of the tank skin so that the ProSeal sealant will adhere to the metal. I don't want any leaks! This little holder works great. You cut a piece of scotchbrite pad and slide it into the slot, then tighten down the retainer ring. It does a fabulous job of scuffing up the skin, in a hurry, too. You go through the scotchbrite pieces, but so what. It's cheap and fast. I worked it one way, then at 90-degrees to hit it in both directions for a good scuff.

Then, suddenly, as I was almost finished with this job, my compressor died and gave up the ghost. DANG IT!!

It had been making some funny noises once in a while lately, along with some strange smells. I had even taken the top cover off a while back to try and see if there was something I could do. Nothing apparently. So I decided to just go on, and run it. I didn't know if there was enough life in it to finish my airplane or not. I guess not. It's late and there's nothing I can do about it this evening. Fortunately, there's a compressor shop not too far from here. I'll have to take it in tomorrow and see if they can fix it or diagnose it for me.

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